Programmer driven by passion. I have over 6 years of experience in programming. But I've had an interest in IT much earlier. Therefore when started programming I quickly devoured all the knowledge they offered me at school and expanded it on my own by creating ever larger projects.

Antoni Wicińśki 3D OpenGL Engine

Because of my general interest in computer science school turned out to be not enough to satisfy my curiosity. For this reason, various projects emerged that just fell into my head. They have become a kind of challenge which I could face. Starting from really simple text games like "snake" or algorithms achieving many times greater results than me in various games like "2048" through various mobile applications and websites, to larger projects in 3D graphics. The latter I still develop in the light of new ideas. At this point, I finished implementing the client-server model in my current project and I'm going to develop it further as an environment for testing my other ideas and probably with multiplayer option (soon?).

About OwnTime

OwnTime was created to share my experiences and, if we gather more people, possibly to work on something together. I have ideas which are only waiting for more people because I know some of those would take me years to complete just by myself. So if you are interested then just stick around 🙂

Briefly about the rest:

  1. Highly interested in AI, Neural Science, genetics, and physiology of a brain.
  2. Listens to music, like a lot. I don't have any favorite band or song or genre. It's mood dependent.
  3. I mainly code in C++, C, Java, PHP, Javascript. Less in other languages like Python and others, but still if more suitable for a given project.

Antoni Wiciński